Mobile Phone Etiquette - The Do's and Don't of Using Your Phone

Mobile Phone Etiquette - The Do's and Don't of Using Your Phone

The Dos and Don’t of Mobile Phones 

Do you whip out your smartphone at dinner with friends, snap food porn and Instagram it? Is Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat your very bestest friend?

The problem of people who can’t live without their phone glued to their paws was  highlighted recently in Chongqing, in China with the addition of a ‘phone lane’, specifically designed for walking whilst texting! The idea has hit the states to, with phone lanes in Washington DC. This is obviously becoming a universal problem.

In a recent survey, the American Trends Panel found that out of 3000 mobile phone users asked, a horrifying 89% admitted to ‘zoning out’ on their phones during their most recent social gathering!

Texts, emails, pics and videos, taking calls, or trolling the web – we all do it, almost unconsciously picking up our phones to check for updates and alerts. This kills any social interaction – you know, real life social interaction with real life people, and is downright rude!

What about you? When do you think it’s perfectly okay to use a phone? Perhaps you’re guilty of reading this right now on your smartphone at lunch with co workers or during a meeting? Surely not?

Okay, so what else?

Conversation Rules

When receiving or calling, make sure you stand 10ft away from any open windows, or if inside when a call comes through, go outside. No one wants to hear your conversations, and of course keep all confidential calls….. er…..confidential.

While on the subject, if an emergency call comes through that cannot be avoided, excuse yourself as quietly and calmly as possible from the gathering with an apology.

Remember, too, that when on a mobile, our voices automatically are pushed to the top decibels. Whisper, and then when you think you are whispering, lower your voice some more.

Yes, we know life is fast these days, but don’t shop and make calls, and if you simply must, then do the cashier the courtesy of giving them the time of day as they help you. Otherwise you are just being offensive.

Silence is Golden

 It’s polite to turn off your cell phone before meetings, meals, and even dates! If you can’t turn your device off, turn it to silent or vibrate.

Obviously, there are exceptions, just like to any rule. If you are expecting emergency calls, health professionals for example, or if you have left your beloved offspring with a babysitter then you need to take that call. However, as usual, be polite and considerate to others.

A Time and a Place for Selfies!

Selfies are not always appropriate.

On the London Eye? Yup, take a million and one selfies. Houses of Parliament or Buck Palace?  Sure, go for it.

At a funeral or the Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum? Absolutely not!

And if you insist on using a selfie stick, be considerate of others and check who/what is in the background of your shot.

Aarrgg Candy Crush!

There are few things worse than logging onto Facebook only to be confronted by hundreds of notifications to join in and play the dreaded Candy Crush, Farmville, or any other inane rubbish. If you must play these games, please for the love of all things sacred, switch off the invites!

Also, whilst on the subject of Facebook, switch the automatic play video thingy to off. We’ve all been merrily scrolling through posts when a frighteningly loud video suddenly starts playing, scaring off any pigeons within in a 20 mile radius. Disable the thingy, and protect wildlife!