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We collect this information so that we can make adjustments to our site, enabling us to effectively meet the needs of customers on our site, making each visit a welcoming experience.
We provide several free services to better inform our customers

Newsletters – periodically providing details on customer offers, deals and new developments for selling unwanted mobile phones.

Online Forums – discussion forums and chat rooms are great for customer feedback, allowing us to solve any issues and answer questions as they arise.

• “Email a Friend” and Social media sharing – frequently use social media to pass on information. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are widely used by 21st century businesses.

Polls and surveys – we often offer customers the chance to participate in online polls and surveys. These allow us to improve the customer experience, keeping ahead of the game! always provides our customers with the option to forego receiving optional features of our website such as:

• Opting-out of receiving email newsletters or other electronic correspondence

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Cookies & Following Up on the Customer Experience want you to enjoy your visit, and usage of, our website, and so we look at how you use the site. Over the course of time we examine the overall patterns of usage, and ‘cookies’ allow us to do this – you’ve no doubt seen them mentioned on nearly every website you visit. This enables us to improve and fine tune your customer experience with us.


Using information may offer this completely anonymous data to trusted associates, sponsors and advertisers; we do not share information about individual customers.


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