Sell My Microsoft Band

sell my  Microsoft Band
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Every part of your device needs to be working as it did when it was new, (e.g. charging port still needs to work). It can have signs of use, but cannot have any chips, dents, or cracks.

Sell My Microsoft Band

We compare offers from a huge list of reputable mobile phone recyclers to find the best price to trade in your old Microsoft Band. If you find a better offer, we'll match it. That's how committed we are to helping you see the best money for your recycled device.

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Have an old Smartwatch you need to trade in?
Time to sell your Microsoft Band & turn it into cash today!

There are dozens of online tech recyclers that will offer you money for your Microsoft Band but finding the best price can be tricky and time-consuming. That's where comes to the rescue. We compare offers from the top smartwatch recycling sites on the web and instantly get with the best offer-guaranteed.

How Do I Sell My Microsoft Band

Selling your Microsoft Band for the best price with is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Compare Prices & Sell Now
In the list above you'll find offers from the top smartwatch recycling companies on the web. No one compares as many as we do. Simply choose the offer with the best price and click 'Sell Now.'

2. Send Your Smartwatch
Enter your address & payment details (Bank Transfer or Paypal) to get paid for your Microsoft Band. A freepost envelope will arrive (usually next day) - simply pop your smartwatch down to the Post Office and relax.

3. Get Paid
Cha-ching! As soon as your Microsoft Band arrives you get paid. It's as simple as that.

How Much is my Microsoft Band Worth?

The amount of money you can earn for your Microsoft Band depends on its storage size, its condition, and whether it's unlocked or locked to a specific mobile network.

You can click on the top left to the page to specify the amount of memory your smartwatch can hold. Devices with more memory cost you more when you bought them, so similarly will earn more from smartwatch recyclers. You can also select the condition of your smartwatch: whether your Microsoft Band is new, used but working, or broken and faulty. Brand new smartwatchs will sell for the highest prices, but used and even broken devices can still earn you cash. You then tell us if it's unlocked or locked to a specific network such as EE, O2, or Vodafone. Unlocked devices will sell for slightly higher prices but locked devices are still definitely worth selling.

You supply the info about your device and we do the work, finding the best offers from Smartwatch reyclers for you to sell your Microsoft Band.

Can I Sell My Broken Microsoft Band?

Many smartwatch recycling companies still accept broken or damaged smartwatchs and other devices. Shattered screens, dents, malfunctioning buttons-you can still earn money for your Microsoft Band. Even if your smartwatch won't turn on and is otherwise useless to you, it still has valuable parts that recyclers will give you money for.

You simply have to specify that your Microsoft Band is broken or damaged by clicking the button 'broken' button at the top of the page. We'll fetch you offers for smartwatchs in that condition. You'll usually get less money than if the Microsoft Band were functioning and in perfect condition, but you'd be surprised how much cash you can get for your busted, unused device. You'll also be clearing out your drawers and stopping your broken Microsoft Band from ending up in a landfill. Making money, reducing clutter, and protecting the environment - It's a win all around.

Why Should I Sell My Microsoft Band with is a smartwatch recycling comparison site: we fetch offers from dozens of tech recycling websites and present them to you on one simple page, allowing you to find the best price for your Microsoft Band in seconds.

No one compares offers from more smartwatch recycling companies than we do. And we're so certain that we'll find you the best price on the market for your Microsoft Band, that if you find a higher offer elsewhere, we'll match it.