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Frequently Asked Questions


 If your question isn’t answered on this page, please do not hesitate to ask.


Who are are the UK’s most trusted mobile phone price comparison site. We are rapidly expanding in the market and our aim is to provide the most comprehensive selection of companies possible, and bring you the best deals possible.


 How can I find out what my phone or tablet is worth?  


Enter the make and model of your phone or tablet, our search engine searches through hundreds of sites in an instant, and provides you with a list of the best deals and prices around for you to select which one is right for you.


What if my mobile phone or device is broken or damaged? Can I still sell it?


Absolutely – even non functioning mobile phones or tablets still have a value to the recycling companies.

Of course, the amount that you get for your broken phone is based on how damaged it is. Those mobiles that only have minor damage will earn more, while those that are completely non-functioning will earn much less.


 What accessories should I send when I recycle my mobile phone or tablet?


Listed alongside the price offered from each company, will be the specific accessory conditions and requirements that are expected. Typically, batteries and chargers are accepted, but check each company’s requirements.


 Will I have to pay postage and packing?


Some companies offer free postage, but not all do. Please check the price comparisons for details. 


How do I receive my money?


This varies, but usually it is by cheque or bank transfer. Some buyers offer additional options.

Please check the price comparisons for details. 


What if my mobile phone is not listed on your site?


Often when a phone is an old model, recycling companies will no longer offer buy-back.

In the case of a very new model that is not listed, it may be that recyclers have not yet begun to offer prices. Check back soon and you will most likely see the model listed. 


I’ve sent my phone but I have not received any money yet?

We are a clearinghouse that allows you to compare prices for many companies. Once you choose a company and accept their offer, you should deal directly with that company.

Our recycling associate companies offer excellent customer service, so you should not hesitate to contact them directly in the rare case of an issue 

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