Fonebank was founded in 2008 and is part of Corporate Mobile Recycling Ltd, a UK based mobile phone recycling business based in central London. They are ranked 13 out of 65 in the category ‘Mobile Recycling’ on Trustpilot and have a score of 9.2 out of 10 based on nearly 14,000 reviews, with 90% of those rated at 5 stars. They claim to have paid out over £100million to their customers and recycle in excess of 95,000 mobile phones per month from all over Europe.

Fonebank claim to offer the best prices for your mobile devices with payment made the same day they receive your handset. They offer free postage with free tracked returns (a maximum of 4 mobiles can be sent this way and they’re each insured for up to £51) and will return you handsets without any questions if you are not happy with the valuation on arrival. If you want to recycle 5 or more phones they offer a free courier service.

Fonebank is environmentally accredited in accordance with ISO14001 and have a dedicated page on their website outlining their environmental policy. They also use BlackBelt Smartphone Defence and Blancco to wipe all your mobile’s data as well as providing a free data removal tool.

They have an extensive FAQs page which covers all aspects of their service from Selling to Posting to Payments and more. Their Terms and Conditions page covers all aspects of their service and is a must read before sending off your handset.

Unlike other mobile recycling companies, Fonebank is partnered with a number of charities, giving you the opportunity to donate all or a percentage of your payment to one of the charitable organisations.

Company Name: Fonebank

Address: 3 Long Yard, Holborn, London, WC1N 3LS

Tel. No: 020 7404 6440