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To help our customers sell their phones online we compare only the most reputable recycling companies in the UK. These are phone recycling companies that consistantly pay the price offered, have a proven track record as phone buyers and are highly rated by their existing customers. Use the search bar above to compare mobile phone recyclers in seconds, saving you time and earning you the most cash for your unwanted phone.

Instead of spending hours surfing mobile recyclers, noting down offers, checking reviews on third party sites, checking friends experience with the sites and still not getting what you want - Choose the better option - Sell your phone with

Type in the make & model of your phone and we'll search & compare mobile phone recyclers for you to find you the best price. It's hassle-free and there are even phone buyers for broken or damaged phones! Here we recycle phones, tablets, smart watches and other gadgets like go pros.

We care about you and the cash you receive when you sell your phone. That's why we guarantee you won't find a better offer elsewhere.

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How Does It Work?

  1. Search & Compare
    After entering your phone make & model you'll find offers from the top phone recycling companies on the web. Simply choose the offer with the best price and click 'Sell Now.'
  2. Send Your Phone
    On our checkout page, enter your details to get paid for your phone. A freepost envelope will arrive (usually next day) - simply pop your phone down to the Post Office and relax.
  3. Get Paid!
    Cha-ching! As soon as your phone or device arrives with the recycler you get paid by your choice of bank transfer, cheque or Paypal). It's as simple as that.

The Best Price - Guaranteed!

At Sell My Phone we guarantee you the best offer for your phone. We search the top reputable phone buyers and manufacturers to bring you the best price offer. Many of these phone buying sites can only be compared together on Sell My Phone

We're so convinced that we'll find you the best offer that if you find a better deal for your phone, we'll match it!

My Phone is Broken - Can I Still Sell It?

The screen may be smashed, the touch screen defective, the camera lens cracked, and the battery life non-existent.

But there may still be cash in your phone. Recyclers will be able to fix or refurbish your broken handset, or recycle it for parts or materials. Just ensure you specify the phone is faulty or broken when viewing the prices on our site and check the terms & conditions for your chosen recycler

Do You Have an Old Phone Lying Around?

Most of Us Do.

93% of British adults own a mobile phone and we upgrade them, on average, every 18 months. Can you even remember all the mobile phones you've had over the past few years? Your old Blackberry, your first iPhone, your next iPhone, that time you took a Samsung S7 or S8 for a spin. We're all clamouring for the newest features, splashing out on shiny new phones every time our contract is up and leaving a trail of dented, forgotten phones in our wake.

In Britain today there are millions of unwanted, unused mobile phones lurking in our junk drawers, cluttering our homes, or worse, sitting in e-waste dumps, polluting our environment and compromising our health. At some estimates there are 60 million unused phones in our homes. With phones becoming more advanced and resell prices rising, that means we're all ignoring a huge cash source - right under our noses.

Cash-in Your Unwanted Mobile And Save The World!

Selling your old phone not only puts cash in your wallet, it also keeps your old electronics out of landfills and dumps. The UK produces 1.3 million tonnes of electronic waste each year. Much of it contains materials that are safe for use in phones and other devices but hazardous if they get into our soil and groundwater. You recycle bottles and cardboard to keep them out of landfills-why not recycle your phone too?

80% of the typical mobile phone can be recycled and that includes materials like silver and plastic that are carbon-intensive to extract or produce. Also, if your old mobile can be fixed or refurbished it often can be sold on to someone else. That person doesn't have to buy a new phone which means the materials and energy used to produce the phone they otherwise would have purchased can be conserved.

Which Deal Should You Choose?

Your new unwanted phone; your old discarded phone, the one you ditched for a shiny new model when your contract was up; the one you dropped a hundred times, until you shattered the screen; the one that's currently gathering dust in a junk drawer with all your old chargers, some stray puzzle pieces, and few homeless dice-it can fetch how much money? We understand why you're excited. At we find you the best available price for your mobile.

Our comparison engine also gives you details about the payment time scale and terms for all these offers. Here are some things to take into account before you break out the envelopes and drop your device into the nearest post box.

1. Sell Your Phone for the Best Price

We compare offers from a huge list of reputable phone resellers to find the best one for you-guaranteed! In fact, if you find a better offer, we'll match it. That's how committed we are to helping you see the best money for your recycled device.

2. Payment Time Scale

How quickly will you see your cash for your phone? Some recyclers will pay you on the day they receive the phone while others will make you wait 7 or even 8 working days-a full week and a half. It's tempting to take the money and run but, if you don't need the cash instantly, you can sometimes earn more with patience.

3. Payment Methods

Phone recyclers will have different payment methods to get your money to you once they receive and test your mobile. Some will only offer BACS bank transfer or send cheques while others will give you the option of same-day bank transfers and PayPal. Don't want to be waiting for a cheque to arrive in the post? Want the money in your PayPal account so you can spend it online? These are important things to consider when choosing from among phone recycler offers.

4. Freepost Packing

Many mobile phone recycling companies offer free post, enabling you to send your old mobile to them without paying for shipping yourself, saving you money. But not all do, so it's important to take this account when comparing offers.

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Save Time & Make More Money When You Sell Your Mobile Phone!

If only there was a way to see the offers and payment methods & time scales of many UK mobile phone recyclers all at once so you can easily compare them...

Luckily Sell My Phone does just that: it gives you a list of offers from various recyclers with not only the price they're offering but also the time it will take you to get that money, how it will be sent and who will pay for the shipping. We make it easy for you to select the phone buyer that best fits your needs.

Now, you could run around to the websites of dozens of different recyclers, typing in your phone model and condition, and getting offers and noting down their payment time scale, payment methods, and shipping and packing terms. But that would take hours and you'd probably end up forgetting which recycler had the best deal. Or you'll be swayed by a price offer only to realise you'll have to wait 8 working days to receive a cheque-useless when you're jetting off to Thailand next Wednesday and need the cash. And maybe you thought you could post the phone to the recycler for free but instead you're standing in the queue at the Post Office, forking over your money to ship it and cutting into your profit. The Solution is here with

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