Top Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie for Instragram

Top Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie for Instragram

Kylie Jenner takes 500 selfies before finding the perfect, Instagram-ready pout. For those who can’t spend three hours glowering at their phones, here are five tips for putting your best face forward online, in far fewer snaps.

1. Find Your Light  

Get away from the blue glow of your computer screen and seek out the sun’s natural rays, either by heading outside or standing near a window. Natural light can erase under-eye bags and enhance your features, but watch out for shadows, which are especially tricky in the middle of the day when the sun is high. Seek out the golden hours at sunrise and sunset, when light is low and naturally luminous.

2. Smile Like You Mean It  

Natural expressions will always look better than those you have to fake. Think of something that makes you really, genuinely happy as you snap photos: kittens, puppies, your crush ‘liking’ your beautiful face. Avoid exaggerated duck lips, sour-faced cheeks, and any self-consciously sexy poses. Close your eyes until right before you snap the photo, to ensure your expression is fresh and avoid a dead-eyed stare.

3. Chin Down, Arm Up 

Take a photo from below and suddenly you’ve got a double chin, downcast eyes, and everyone can see up your nose. But take one from above, and voila, you’re gorgeous. Tuck in your chin, extend your photo-taking arm, and, whatever you do, don’t look directly at the camera. Try to line up your eyes with the bottom of the phone. Can’t extend your arm far enough for the perfect shot? Swallow your pride and grab a selfie stick: they’re not just for gurning tourists.

4. Post Production  

Science has proven that filters really do make you look better, or at least earn you more Instagram likes. No, really, there was a study. Use filters that enhance the warmth and exposure of your photos. Influencers swear by Valencia but Mayfair, Nashville, and Aden are also flattering for selfies. A top blogger tip is to use the same filter on all your photos: it will make your Instagram feed look cohesive and help you develop an aesthetic. Apps like Facetune and Afterlight can help you subtly edit your photos, but don’t over-process your face. You still want to look like yourself. If you’re really committed to taking the perfect selfie, consider investing in the Samsung Galaxy S5, which has a selfie mode that automatically brightens and airbrushes your face.

5. Practice But Don’t Become Obsessive 

A little self(ie) love can be important for self-esteem and empowerment, but if you find yourself obsessively taking snaps of your face and discarding them, it could be a sign you’re struggling with your body image. Step away from the reverse camera and your Instagram feed for a while and embrace life without filters. Enjoy spending time with friends and family and being present instead of scrambling and pouting for the perfect shot. And if in the midst of living, you want to document a special moment or stumble across really great light, you might find you suddenly like all the selfies you take. We all look better when we’re happy and unselfconscious.

Image by  Ádám Fedelin/CC BY